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How to buy a mobile phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-31
How to buy a mobile phone case wholesale
Nowadays, there are more and more types of mobile phone protective cases, which is dazzling. There is no way to start. As a buyer, from which point of view should we start with appearance or practicality?, are there some What about a good-looking, practical and more affordable protective case? Now, as a mobile phone case wholesale manufacturer, I will give some explanations and precautions:

1. Try not to choose a mobile phone case wholesale that is too bright in color. Because bright colors can contain a small amount of heavy metals, they will often enter the human body through the skin when contacted, and have a certain destructive effect on the kidneys and liver.

2. Be careful if you have a pungent smell or choking eyes.

3. Carefully choose the ones that are too soft or too hard, and faded. In the production process of these products, benzene-based inorganic solvents can be left.

4. TPU+PC and acrylic, this kind of product looks simple in appearance, in fact, the production process is relatively complicated, the most important thing is that it does not contain heavy metals and is harmless to the human body. All raw materials of our company have passed strict environmental testing requirements and certifications. Therefore, the mobile phone case-simple, is the best care. u200bu200bRecommended reading: Introduction of Dongguan mobile phone protective cover manufacturers

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