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How to buy an ipad tablet leather case to effectively protect the phone?

by:Jolly     2022-01-13

How to buy an ipad tablet leather case to effectively protect the phone? With the continuous expansion of the current electronic market, ipad tablet computers are gradually becoming popular among young consumers. As a fashionable consumer product, it is not cheap to buy a tablet computer, so how do we use and maintain it to make the love device healthy and longer life Woolen cloth? 1. Screen protection The screen is very important to the visual experience, so be sure to pay attention to protection. At ordinary times, attention must be paid to avoid scratches, impacts and contact with chemicals. In fact, these protective measures are also very simple, just add a layer of coat to your love machine, that is, it is beautiful to protect it. 2. Battery maintenance Friends who like digital products know that the larger the screen, the faster the power consumption. At the same time, the battery is also a very important accessory in the machine. We should not only save energy but also pay attention to protecting the battery. If you choose energy saving, you can choose the ipad leather case. Buying a leather case with automatic sleep function is very helpful for saving electricity. We all have a habit of protecting the battery. We often think of charging when it is exhausted. This is very bad for the battery. It is best to charge the battery after 10% or 20% of the battery is used. It is also possible to charge the remaining battery at 50%. . Do not stop immediately when the battery is fully charged. Recharging for 40-80 minutes is good for a full charge. When using as much as possible at room temperature, the temperature is too high or too low is not conducive to the battery. The tablet PC must be charged every month even if it is not used. 3. The protection of the machine body How to keep the appearance of the machine intact, the best way is to buy a good protective cover, which can effectively prevent external vibration and scratches on the machine body, so that the machine always keeps the latest state, love to watch Movie friends can also choose a leather case with convenient bracket function, which can be vertical, horizontal, two-speed, three-speed, 360-degree rotation, etc.

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