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How to buy ipad tablet leather case?

by:Jolly     2022-01-20

Nowadays, many people have their own tablets, so we should have thought about wearing a beautiful coat for our love machine. Maybe some friends don’t pay much attention to this. There is nothing serious about the sleeve at the beginning, but after a long time, it can be distinguished, such as:

1. The leather case is more beautiful. Noble

2. If There is no need to change from a new machine to an old one.

3. It is easy to carry with a leather case, which is more convenient.

(2) If it is not used, it is easy to be scratched.

The above points show that choosing a 'coat' is very important, so how to choose and buy? Let's take a look at how to choose a protective cover.

Apple/Apple ipad case original genuine leather case

Disadvantages: 1. Not resistant to dirt; 2. The appearance is not gorgeous enough, and there are fewer colors to choose from.

Advantages :

(1) Functionally speaking, basically all the iPad2 leather cases on the market have not surpassed this leather case. The typing and photo frame functions are perfect and suitable;

(2) In particular, the outer frame on the front of the protective cover is very narrow, unlike most of those on the market, the protective frame is extra wide. This is very important and will affect page turning and moving icons.

(3) In terms of shape, it is also the thinnest stent protection holster of similar products on the market; (4) The anti-slip design is better, the sweat absorption effect is very good, and the anti-slip;

(5 ) The overall workmanship of the leather case is meticulous, the design is outstanding, it is made by all machines, and is made of professional materials;

iPad leather ultra-thin leather case


( 1) The functional socket on the back of the protective cover is not ideal;

(2) The inside of the leather case is flannel, which is easy to fall off;

(3) It must be placed flat when typing;


(4) The design of the opening and closing method is unreasonable. If you don’t know where to put it in the iPad port, you may drop the iPad out of the holster;

(5) Screen frame It’s too wide and it’s a bit inconvenient to use. For example, it’s difficult to move to the next page when turning the page to move the icon;


(1) Good function, with folding Bracket function;

(2) Because of the high-end materials, the texture is exquisite;

(3) The price is moderate, and the price-performance ratio is good;

(4) Anti-slip.

(5) The function is basically the same as the official original protective cover, with functions such as typing and photo frame;

(6) The outer frame is narrow and the field of view is wide;

(7) The appearance is fairly thin;

(8) It is made of high-end luggage materials, exquisite workmanship, and good hand feeling;

(9) Anti-slip and dirt-resistant, can be cleaned with cloth;< /p>

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