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How to clean the tablet leather case cleanly

by:Jolly     2022-01-13
Tablet computer leather case: Glossy skin cleaning A alcohol 95%; ammonia 25%, ratio 1:1B 25% ammonia, softener, water, ratio 1:1:1. Method Spread the leather clothes on the washing table, use a short-hair brush dipped in liquid A to scrub, dry with a towel while brushing, absorb grease and dirty liquid, after the grease is removed, clean it with liquid (B liquid) for a second time, the method is the same as above. Clean the surface with a towel and let it out to dry. Tablet computer leather case: leather surface light treatment detergent A detergent, water, ratio 1:400, concentration 0.25%~0.3%, water temperature 35℃~40℃ detergent B liquid brightener, slip agent, water, The ratio is 1:1:4, and the method is the same as above. Spread the leather clothes flat on the washing table with a brown hair brush dipped in liquid B for softening treatment, and let it stand for 15 minutes. 3. Leather coat denitrification hardening treatment A Glauber's salt, salt, water, ratio 1:1:2 (mixed), common amount. Glauber's salt 250g, salt 250g, soft water 55g B fatliquor (aqueous) smoothing agent, softening agent, water ratio: 1:2:2:10 Water temperature: 40℃~45℃, the method is to spread and wash the leather In the case, the brown brush was dipped in liquid A to repeatedly scrub the leather surface, and let it stand for 30 minutes. Use a plastic ball to repeatedly scrub the surface of the leather garment with liquid B. To clean the surface, use formaldehyde, water, and a ratio of 1:8 to put the leather garment on the steam model. , Use xxx to spray the surface of the leather coat, set it to ventilate and dry in the shade. Wrinkles become shrinkage, so use solvent cleaning, 90# gasoline becomes tetrachloroethylene, the usual amount is 250ml~500ml, and the washing method is the same as other leather clothing. 5. Aniline leather cleaning. Aniline leather has strong water absorption and is particularly sensitive to water. It will turn black when exposed to water, decolorize, and become hard in color. Do not wash and dry clean with solvent, 90# gasoline or tetrachloroethylene, method: spread the leather flat When washing the table, use a short brush with a dampened liquid to gently scrub. After repeatedly scrubbing the dirty area to remove the grease, clean the surface with a towel and dry it in a ventilated area. 6. The cleaning of frosted leather. Similar to oily leather, frosted leather has high requirements for washing. Improper washing is easy to decolorize, degrease, harden, deform, wrinkle, and color after wet washing. It is a safer method. Use solvent, tetrachloroethylene, fatliquor (oily), ratio 4:1, commonly used amount 8~10, fatliquor 0.15~0.2kg, method to spread the leather coat flat on the table, and brush with palm brush dipped in liquid. Use sponge to clean the surface for the second time, clean the surface with a towel, and ventilate to dry. 7. Wet washing solvent for frosted skin, detergent, fatliquor (aqueous) alcohol, water 1:1:1:10, common amount of detergent 150g, fatliquor 150g, alcohol 150g, 1500 grams of soft water, shampoo is the same as other leather washing. Put the leather on the washing table and pre-wash it with brown brush dipping liquid. Repeatedly scrub the dirty areas. While brushing, use a towel to absorb the dirt and dirty liquid and dip it with a plastic ball. Rinse twice with water, clean the surface with a towel, and dry in a cool place.
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