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How to customize mobile phone case with pictures

by:Jolly     2022-01-17
u200bMobile phone case wholesale is a subspecies of soft case, named after the shell body is covered with mesh vents, and the design is usually relatively simple. After the rise of Iphone, many users prefer mobile phone shells. There is no other reason, the structure is sturdy and quick to dissipate heat, and the mobile phone looks refreshing and simple at first glance. Of course, the drawbacks of the reticulated shell are also obvious, that is, it cannot effectively prevent dust and water. Wearing for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt deposited in the small holes, which is not conducive to the beauty of the phone, so pay attention to timely cleaning. Skinned mesh shells have begun to emerge on the market, that is, the main body of the mesh shell is covered by a leather jacket and only maintains the mesh design of the button. This strengthens the waterproof effect of the mesh shell, and the appearance is more unique, while still retaining part of the heat dissipation function. Overall, the practicality has been comprehensively improved compared to before.
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