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How to customize mobile phone cases under the influence of the epidemic

by:Jolly     2021-12-13

The sudden epidemic in 2020 is unexpected. People have been locked up in their communities before they are ready. Because of this sudden epidemic, in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading on a large scale, many businesses are unable to open business, so many businesses are distressed. They have to pay rent, water, electricity, labor and livelihoods. What can I do if there is no financial source?

In fact, even if many industries allow you to open a business, you may not have customers because many people are afraid of being infected. Especially in some consumer areas, where crowds gather, there may be an outbreak of epidemics due to gatherings. If you don't go out and gather less, and you don't go to places with a lot of people, you will be less likely to get the virus.

But for businesses that don’t open a store, how can they make money if they don’t open a store?

Actually, there are still many methods, and live video streaming is a relatively good way to sell. Whether it is Taobao now. Pinduoduo and even Alibaba JD are guiding customers to sell products live. Taking the company’s mobile phone case wholesale private customization machine for example, the printing process of the machine can be operated for customers during the live broadcast, so that customers who come to browse can see the real appearance of the machine, and introduce their own product-mobile phone case wholesale private customization, so that customers can directly Seeing the customization process is a good user experience.

While selling products live, you can accept customer inquiries face-to-face, customer questions can also be answered in a timely manner, and customers can see the true face of the product through video. Live broadcast is a very good sales and purchase method for businesses or customers.

So, don't complain about the pandemic and you won't be able to open a store, but see the opportunity in the crisis. Only in this way can your business be uninterrupted.

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