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How to customize the phone case, where can I customize the phone case?

by:Jolly     2021-12-16

Now more and more people after 80, 90, and 00 like to play different things. As the mobile party now, it must be different from others.

So one after another joined the army of personalized customization, especially during the holidays, everyone wants to play something different, and they want to make others shine. This is quite normal.

Many friends see that others have used customized shells, and they also want to customize a customized shell of their own.

But where can I customize a beautiful product of my own?

The omnipotent Taobao?

Of course, I did see some stores on Taobao that can make personalized shells, but it is very troublesome to make the products. After posting the picture, the store needs PS typesetting, and you have to repeatedly confirm with you to make one It may take a lot of time to get the shell off. The most annoying thing is that you have to send it out and receive it in a few days. If you want to make a lover's shell for your girlfriend before the Qixi Festival, you may not get it before the Qixi Festival. This is indeed a troublesome thing.

But now, most of the above problems can be solved perfectly with our company's personalized customization.

Currently, our company has thousands of franchisees across the country, and basically every franchisee has our company's personalized printing equipment, which can print mobile phone cases, wood panels, power banks, Chinese knots, and some small accessories.

This set of equipment is a machine for placing orders on the Internet and printing on-site. If you want to customize a personalized phone case, you only need to operate on the phone as shown in the figure below. Ordering is simple and efficient.

After placing the order, the merchant can print it directly after receiving the order number in the background. It only takes 2-3 minutes to make the product, which is super fast.

In the process of placing an order, you can print as much as you want, and completely DIY your own style patterns.

The personalized customized mobile phone case wholesale of Xiangyin Technology can be customized online. The company has also launched an online payment system. You can use WeChat to place an order in the mall, and then submit your own delivery address, 2-3 days You can also receive your favorite shell!

If you want to customize a mobile phone case in our company, please scan the QR code below to customize one by yourself!

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