How to deal with the smell of uv printer ink?

by:Jolly     2021-12-22

Today, a local customer came to the company to maintain the machine.

Tell me that the product printed by the UV machine just came out, which smells and what is the problem?

As soon as I heard this question, I was dumbfounded! ! !

Is this a problem?

Smell? Isn't it normal?

Customers have such a problem. Maybe they don’t know much about this UV ink. What is UV ink?

Baidu Baike explains it like this:

' The pigment particle diameter in UV ink is less than 1 micron, does not contain volatile organic solvents, has ultra-low viscosity, no irritating odor, and can ensure The ink did not block the nozzle during the jet printing process. After six months of high temperature storage test, there was no abnormal phenomenon such as pigment aggregation, sinking, and delamination.

But as an 'old driver' who has been operating for many years, the above description is inaccurate, because customers all smell the odor, and you said that it does not contain volatile organic solvents and has no pungent odor. Who are you fooling around? ?

The pungent odor that customers smell is the organic solvent volatilized after UV ink is printed on the printing surface by the nozzle. The simple and easy to understand statement is the chemical composition. In simple terms, the ink is a series of chemistry The ingredients are combined with pigments, so the smell you smell is the volatilization of the chemical ingredients in the ink.

Since the UV ink is composed of chemical ingredients, is the UV ink we use poisonous?

Relatively speaking, yes!

But it is limited, because the chemical composition in the ink is limited, and when the ink is first printed on the material, because it is not dry, there will be a certain amount of moisture At this time, you will smell a little odor, and the odor will disappear after being quickly cured by the UV lamp, because the liquid is easy to volatilize, but the solid is not easy.

Compared to the operator, This is not a problem at all. It belongs to the normal range. After a few minutes after printing, the surface will dry and there will be no smell.

Would you like to smell the phone case wholesale you are wearing now, is there no smell at all?

Yeah.......There is indeed no.

Is that right? Ink has a certain volatility Yes, there will be a certain smell just before the ink has dried completely, but as soon as it dries, you can’t smell any.

So, some friends say that the ink smells, don’t worry about it. , This is a very natural phenomenon, there is no need to deal with or fuss.

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