How to do cross-border e-commerce for mobile phone cases? How do you do cross-border e-commerce if you don’t understand English?

by:Jolly     2021-12-07
How to choose a good platform for mobile phone case wholesale cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce is an important and appropriate logical thinking of product selection, and a comprehensive analysis of market demand. Logical thinking is particularly important. Naturally, there are also complete investigations and statistical analysis of data. It is possible that everyone’s choice will be different, but I propose or choose a product that I know or love. After all, technical expertise and hobbies are the support points for you to succeed in starting your own business on the Internet. The first choice of products, the first-hand source of goods: the pillar industry of your big city is your first-hand source of goods, because the Internet technology is relatively advanced at this stage, you can also expand the scope to your nearby provincial capital cities; the second of your choice, Subdivided products: the unique role of the product, unique customer groups, periodicity, fashion elements, product selling points and other elements all need to be analyzed. Many companies do not find the precise positioning of the products sold in their own markets, and usually can only blindly follow the trend and sell them, and then they are crushed by the big sellers, which ultimately endangers cash flow and profitability. The third choice is the demand of the market: the product is finally sold on the market to terminal equipment customers, and meets their requirements. The requirements of different links will be different, and the product must be continuously upgraded. Profit is in logistics! For cross-border e-commerce platforms, logistics costs account for a large proportion of the operating costs of enterprises. The diversified logistics requirements of the Wish platform not only clearly stipulate overseas warehousing, but also clearly challenge Changzhi Logistics. Logistics has become one of the most critical problems that companies must get rid of in the development trend of platforms. I don’t know how to do cross-border e-commerce in English. There are some popular cross-border e-commerce platforms. Its back-end operation panels are all in Chinese. All normal actual operations on the above are not responsive. In addition, there are some small platforms whose back-end actual operation web pages are also in Chinese, but their back-end operation panels are relatively simple, except for Product, sales, order, data, set products, and order information. Store sales performance index values, accounting data information, and then you need to remember not many English words. In other words, you don’t have to remember what this English word means at all, you just have to understand what English word will go out.
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