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How to find the picture on the phone case?

by:Jolly     2021-12-17

I want to make a personalized phone case, how can I find nice pictures?

I believe this is the biggest problem encountered by friends who do mobile phone case wholesale customization. Is there any way to quickly find good-looking pictures?


As a professional old driver, here are some ways to find your favorite pictures.

Don’t say much, just serve it!

Method 1: Mobile phone album

Generally, personal mobile phone albums contain some good-looking pictures that you like more recently, whether it is your personal friend’s family or the roadside You can take the photos at will, or the ones sent to you by your friends to save them. All can be used as the picture material of the DIy phone case you want, if you feel nice, you can use it.

Method 2: Baidu Gallery

If you don’t like taking selfies or taking pictures, you may feel it even if you have a photo album. Not good enough, just use the most powerful Baidu gallery function.

You can find many beautiful pictures by entering the pictures you want in the browser. For example, landscape photos, celebrity photos, movie character photos, architectural photos, comics, funny photos, and so on.

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