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How to identify whether the mobile phone holster is genuine leather?

by:Jolly     2022-01-08

How to identify whether the mobile phone holster is genuine leather?

Many people will not be able to dialect the authenticity of the leather case. In fact, there are several ways to identify the mobile phone leather case: The first type: visual smell plus tactile pores of the leather, the patterns are relatively deep And the nose smells of leather if it is leather, and some are not leather will have this smell to fool customers, but the touch is particularly important. If it is smooth, soft, and elastic, it must be It's real leather. Even PU leather will have a smell. If you follow the above statement, it is basically real leather. The second type: ignition and water absorption may be a very bad identification method, but it is particularly effective. When the leather is burned, it will have a burning smell, and the leather is easy to absorb water. Fake leather cannot be used. To this effect. If it is all right to operate according to the above statement, it must be leather, if not, it is PU leather.

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