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How to maintain the electronic leather case?

by:Jolly     2022-01-17

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the use of electronic products has become more and more widespread, such as smart phones and tablet computers. And people's pursuit of fashion is even stronger. In order to protect electronic products, people will choose to buy high-quality phone cases. But the leather case has a disadvantage, it is very easy to get dirty. So how to maintain, so that the electronic leather case can be used longer?

When there are stains, you can take an appropriate amount of neutral detergent and wipe it off with a cotton cloth. If it is difficult to clean dirt such as glue, use Baidian oil or Alcohol washed.

In addition, you can choose to clean with detergent. In addition to using the above methods for leather holsters, the surface of the leather will not be shiny after a period of time. Nowadays, professional leather cleaning products generally use professional leather soft cleaners. This cleaning agent has the characteristics of soft decontamination, no solubility, will not harm the leather, nor affect the original appearance or brightness of the leather, and has a good maintenance effect on the environment and the leather.

But leather is mostly breathable and cannot be washed with water. Water washing can easily cause water to enter the inside of the leather case, which will impregnate the cardboard that is not visible in the middle of the leather case, making the cardboard soft, and it will mold if placed in an airtight place. Then the leather case cannot be used for too long.

Electronic holster maintenance can be handled by the above methods. Pay more attention to maintenance, which can extend the life of the holster and make the holster better protect the electronic products.

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