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3 tips for being phone case manufacturer


How to make your own phone case business

The excellent phone case businesses did not become victorious overnight. Even with some error and trail, these brands followed a business plan and grew at a sustainable pace. Use this step-by-step guide to structure your own business model and make your own phone case China business:

Identify a need in the market

You would not be capable to successfully design your mobile case based on effort alone. Think a niche in the target market that no one is fulfilling yet. Is it a case that is best for open-air adventures? Is it a line of cases designed by domestic artists in your area? Figure out what kinds should exist that presently are not being offered by huge brands – and then make phone cases online to fill those spaces.

Develop a business plan

A business plan guides your full journey when you make your own phone case business. it can help clarify your technique, identify roadblocks, know what you will need in terms of resources, and assess your business idea before you launch it.

Identify your focus audience

Determining a focus audience is key to selling online products successfully. Your aim is not just to identify a phone accessorily or case that should exist, but also find a focus market for the product. After all your design and planning work is of little use if there are no buyers for your item.

Helpful data points to understand before make custom phone cases contain:

· Occupation

· Age range

· Spending patterns

· Lifestyle

· Interests

· Habits and routines

Begin designing

The design step when you make your phone case will be your strongest differentiator when selling custom phone cases online. It is also where you can let your creativity stand out. The primary brand you release to the public will speak to your brand, so ensure you craft something remarkable to put your stake in the ground.

Pick a brand logo and name

If it looks like you can produce and make custom cases at an affordable cost, you are ready to make your public image. This begins with picking a business logo and name.

You can use a free design tool like Hatchful to help craft a logo and build your big brand. You will have to answer a few questions about your business, and then Hatchful will advise a logo from 1000s of accessible templates.Pick a price point

Pricing your phone cases is one of the best decisions you need to make. It impacts nearly every area of your business, from profit margins to cash flow to deciding what expenses you can afford.

Your pricing technique ties into understanding your audience. Pick a price point that covers your producing costs, but does not deter the customers you will need to start a successful phone case business.

Create your online store

Now, this sounds like a hard job versus listing your items on online selling websites. These marketplaces can aid build brand awareness during the early stages, but you will want your digital home in the long run. It will help maintain control on your brand and retain more profits.

Find Best Suppliers for Starting Phone Cases Business

Why sell cell phone cases?

Selling mobile phone cases and accessories online is the best business for a new entrepreneur. There is important, recurring demand and it is product category that has international appeal. There are continually new trends reemerging, like cases that shine or charge your battery.

Plus, there are fit profit margins, lots of suppliers to pick from and a lot of opportunities to spread into other products (lenses, cases, selfie sticks and beyond).

Steps to start a successful online business

Pick the best selling phone cases

Pick and target around 5-7 most famous mobile phone types/brands. You don’t have to sell phone cases for every phone on the planet. It would not value your effort. It is not just a matter of deciding what type of phone cases you want, but what types of phones you want to support.

Anyway, this can also provide a chance to dig into specific niches based on phone models. If you can foresee a need for case for upcoming phones or spot any underserved smartphones types, there may also be a chance to consider.

Find the most popular trends to make or re-sell phone cases

Find famous phone cases designs and types to online sell. You have to keep up with the trends to provide the most intriguing products in your shop. There are lots of different types of famous phone cases.

So, when starting a phone case business, you need to have a best knowledge of such trends. You can pick thin flat type phone cases, fabric phone cases, rugged phone cases, bumper phone cases and wallet phone cases.

Fine wholesale suppliers in China to re-sell phone cases

If you are not a best designer, maybe it is a best idea to find a Chinese wholesale supplier such as jolly for phone cases or re-sell their items in your store. For your phone case business, you will need to find the best suppliers who can deliver the standard and quantity of materials required to make your products.

Without dependable vendors, you will have problem scheduling production and fulfilling orders. Your business could fail if you do not have the best people on your side. A phone case business needs at least 3 essential components, depending on your business model.

First, you must have blank phone cases. Further, you need some winning designs and an access to a specialized UV printer. If you pick to manufacture more special case designs, you may need other materials such as glitter, templates, paint and fabric.

Before you begin your phone case business, you need to pick vendors that will continually supply business with the items such as blank phone cases and stuffs used to decorate the cases.

Create an internet store to sell phone cases

If you are not ready to open a physical shop, launch an e-commerce shop for your mobile phone accessory business. You can use existing marketplace such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay, or you can open your own shop with sites such as Shopify to establish your own brand.

Whether you pick to use existing marketplace and their customer bases or begin your own site, you should use internet advertising techniques to market your business.

How to import phone case from China

A phone case is a smart accessory that saves your phone from different types of damage and provides a special look. People purchase phone case because they know how precious it is – a phone case made by plastic, glass, leather. A leather case is more precious than a plastic or glass case. In this pandemic condition, we are with our Smartphone almost every minute. It is widespread that dropping from our hand. So, it is necessary to have accessory to save your phone as well as keep your money.

Is it safe to buy wholesale phone case from China?

Yes, China is a big country, and that means it has lots of best suppliers for you to work with who make safe products. When picking a supplier, talk to the producer to ensure their products match your standards.  Discuss to them about the countries you are planning on shipping their item to. A well-informed, reliable supplier will be happy to talk any applicable restrictions of their product.

What import taxes should I guess to pay for phone case?

Import taxes change depending on the country and the specific kind of product. Since phone case is generally considered under accessory, be sure to familiarize yourself with any regulations or import taxes on the specific item you are shipping. If you are not sure about the import taxes, please get a detail from cooperate freight forwarder; a professional forwarder from China will tell you all the details you need to know about your international shipments.

How to find a best phone case supplier in China

· Alibaba is one of the world’s biggest places to find suppliers.

· Made-in-China is another big source for finding business-to-business connections.

· China sources help link businesses to Chinese suppliers and manufactures

· HKDC has a long directory of Chinese suppliers. They also provide services like business matching.

These reputable, famous sites focus on linking businesses with wholesalers. If you don’t have existing connections in the phone case manufacturing industry in China, these are remarkable locations to begin. You can find any type of phone cases at the location, no issue whether you want to deal with a China phone case trading firm, or want to do business with a China phone case factory suppliers, or want only to cooperate with a phone case supplier producer.

What is the top shipping method for phone case?

There are lots of different shipping methods for shipping phone case from China to your place. Airfreight, Express door to door from Door to airport and door to door, Sea freight by FCL and LCL from door to door & port to port, rail freight from door to door, and other gathered shipping methods like Ocean Freight + Airfreight, Ocean freight + Truck freight all accessible to be provided to you depend on each of your shipment detail needs.

The top shipping technique will depend on your shipment timeline, volume, and budget. Sea freight is generally the affordable option. Discuss to your freight forwarder of your full shipping requirement before shipping, and then your competent forward will be capable to help you for all about shipping.


Dropshipping phone cases in 2022

The popularity of mobile phone cases and accessories is pretty high, according to Google Trends. But you might be questioning the need to dropship mobilephone accessories. With, the truth is, everybody wants to save their $1000+ phone. Secondly, the brick and mortar shops do not have a big range of mobile phone covers.

If we visit brick and motor shops, people face a lot of issues such as:

· People find the phone cases but the product range is very limited

· They find no cases of their phone models

· The range of phone cases is best but they are highly costly

Generally, mobile phone cases do not cost a lot of online. They are added in impulse purchases by the buyers. Anyway, more than 1500 million mobile phone cases are sold every year. Now, that is a big number of potential customers.

How to dropship mobile phone cases like a professional shippers?

After discussing the big market for mobile cases, let’s see how to dropship phone cases successfully. Firstly, you need to pick the phone brands and cell phone case suppliers. Famous choices are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Sony, etc. These brands have the biggest number of sold items in the globe.

You will find a lot of potential customers as most of the population on planet own a smartphone from one of the above-described brands. If you are running an accessory shop, it is still a best option to dropship mobile phone accessories and makes big profits out of it.

What are the best types of cell phone cases to dropship?

Here are some of the top types of phone cases to dropship:

Flip phone cases

Flip cases save the phone from the back s well as the front. They have a benefit over fitted cases. That is why they have more demand through internet as matched to other types of cases.

Further to that, you can simply buy flip cases in bulk as they are one-size fits-all and fit every other mobile model rightly.

Wallet phone cases

Wallet cases are similar to flip cases but with extra area for keeping money, credit cards, etc.  Since women do not love to carry bags everywhere, you have a big buyer audience to attract.

The business model to dropship mobile phone cases

It costs between $1 to $5 to purchase a cell phone case. Anyway, you can sell it for $20 to $35, depending on the shop positioning, status, case standard, and its features. Cell phone cases provide you big margin profits which will help you scale your new dropshipping business.

Look for sellers with e-packet shipping

Even though AliExpress provides free shipping for its sellers but, it can be slow at times. The shipment takes a lifetime to arrive, which badly impacts your stores status. Other than that, the shipping options are extremely limited when you use AliExpress delivery service.

Try to find phone case supplier who provides e-packet shipping. It is affordable delivery service that permits a shipper to track the shipping coming from China.

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