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How to protect mobile phone holster from radiation?

by:Jolly     2021-12-26

Nowadays, the harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body has been paid more and more attention. For example, the radiation problem of mobile phones that everyone of us can’t do without. Everyone wants to find a good way to prevent mobile phones from emitting. Electromagnetic waves produce radiation to the human body. Recently, experts from the Shenzhen mobile phone holster factory proposed that the mobile phone holster can prevent radiation. When we pick up the mobile phone to make a call, the radiation of the mobile phone is very strong, which has a bad effect on our body. Does the use of mobile phone holsters help to prevent radiation? In fact, buying a mobile phone case can really reduce radiation. This is a related experiment. A large number of experiments have proved that these protective sleeves can reduce radiation levels by deviating from radio waves. A miniature conductive circuit board is embedded inside each protective cover, which can attract the energy of radio waves to keep the radio waves away from the user's head. I tried the classic phone holster and frosted phone holster for a few days, and I have never encountered any signal interruption or significant weakening in the test. From an appearance point of view, I prefer classic protective sleeves. In contrast, the classic protective sleeve is smoother and lighter. Although the frosted mobile phone holster is better in terms of slip resistance, it will also make the phone thicker. Effective protection against mobile phone radiation. Therefore, buying a mobile phone case wholesale is not only to protect the phone, but also to protect yourself. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that you must choose the right mobile phone holster to protect against radiation. The first choice is mid-to-high-end quality mobile phone holsters and leather holsters.

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