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IMD is currently an internationally popular surface decoration technology

by:Jolly     2021-12-10

IMD is currently an internationally popular surface decoration technology. Because the pattern is between the sheet (the sheet is transparent) and the TPU, there is no possibility of being scratched and rubbed off, and the color can be kept bright and unpredictable for a long time. fade. The product pattern of iml mobile phone case factory can be high-definition high-gloss or matte. When the product is in the hands of the customer, the protective film on the surface of the sheet is removed, and the product is clearer and feels better.

In addition, the iml mobile phone case factory stated that the quality of the IMD mobile phone case is better, and the texture such as gloss is also higher, and the bare metal hand feel is made by the mobile phone case wholesale of this material, and its user experience The degree is very high, so it is very popular with some game players. Some mobile game players mostly like this kind of mobile phone case. Taobao shop owners who do business with these players can pay attention to this information.

And our IMD mobile phone case wholesale can be made into soft or hard, super shadow 3D printing can make and process IMD mobile phone case wholesale, 3D mobile phone case. Dongguan Qilai Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in designing customized IMD/IML mobile phone cases for more than 10 years. It is the Dongguan iml mobile phone case factory and the Dongguan imd factory. It mainly produces and wholesale imd mobile phone cases, imd electrical panels and imd panels, and undertakes processing with drawings and samples. Customization, etc., the latest IMD production technology, gloss and wear resistance. Customization consultation: 0769-82010886.

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