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IMD is the current internationally popular surface decoration technology

by:Jolly     2021-12-10

IMD is currently an internationally popular surface decoration technology. Because the pattern is between the sheet (the sheet is transparent) and the TPU, there is no possibility of being scratched and rubbed off, and the color can be kept bright and unpredictable for a long time. fade. The product pattern can be high-definition high-gloss or matte. The imd mobile phone case wholesale product is placed in the customer's hand, and the protective film on the surface of the sheet is removed, the product is clearer and the hand feels better.

IMD is the current internationally popular surface decoration technology. The surface hardened transparent film, the middle printing pattern layer, the back injection layer, and the ink middle can make the product resistant to friction, prevent the surface from being scratched, and keep the color vivid for a long time. fade. Mainly used in mobile phones and some electrical panels, transparent lenses to protect the display screens, dials of automobile instruments and meters, washing machine panels, etc., and has been developed to decorate large-scale cabinets, such as car shell decoration. Due to the use of IMD technology, not only the decorative effect is beautiful, but also compared with other manufacturing methods, the imd mobile phone case has a long service life, good dust and moisture resistance, and is more favored by users!

The quality of imd mobile phone case wholesale is better, and the texture such as gloss is also higher, and the bare metal hand feel is made of the mobile phone case of this material, and its user experience is very high, so it is very popular Some game players are welcome, and some mobile game players mostly like this kind of mobile phone case. Taobao shop owners who do business with these players can pay attention to this information.

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