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imd mobile phone case is very popular with consumers

by:Jolly     2021-12-10

The English meaning of IMD is: In-Mole
Decoratiom, according to the Chinese understanding, is: injection molding surface decoration technology. I remember that this technology was popular in the Pearl River Delta since around 2000. At that time, it was mainly used in MP3, MP4 and mobile phones. Now it is widely used in refrigerators and TVs. . . . . . imd is widely used, and imd mobile phone cases are also very popular among consumers.

IMD is divided into IML and IMR. The difference between the two is whether there is a transparent film on the surface. The detailed process is explained below. The imd process is applied to the production of imd mobile phone cases, because of its comfortable feel, creating its unique selling point.

IML's process characteristics: injection molding is inserted into the mold, with a hardened transparent film on the surface, the pattern required by the customer in the middle, and then the surface of the plastic. This pattern prevents scratches or abrasion between the plastic surface and the transparent film.

Process characteristics of IMR: Print the customer's pattern on the film, inject the pattern into the plastic cavity, leave the pattern on the plastic part, and separate the film, which is an in-mold transfer. Pay attention. There is no transparent film on the surface of this product. The imd mobile phone case wholesale is a combination of transparent plastic and pattern.

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