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imd panel technology is an innovative process developed on the basis of IMD and three-dimensional circuit technology

by:Jolly     2022-01-10

IMD is a traditional process in which plastic and film are injected together in a mold, In-Mould
Decoration, in-mold decoration, this technology is called 'plastic in-mold injection process technology

IMR: In-Mold Roller

IML: In-Mold Label (2D)

IMF: In-Mold Forming(3D)

The imd panel is integrated with the integrated molding process of 'designing mold opening, film printing, punching high pressure and injection molding'. From 'film printing, high-pressure stretching/punching, the film is embedded in the mold, the injection molding process' and 'film transfer' are collectively referred to as IMF/IML and IMR in the IMD classification, which breaks through the design that traditional plastic injection cannot. , Change the traditional plastic decoration method, more in line with the new trend of environmental protection indicators.

In order to adapt to the current automotive de-keying, better human-vehicle interaction, and blind operation, the printed electronics technology and IMD are integrated, and the circuit, touch, antenna, LED, IC, etc. are concentrated in one component, 3D shape, thickness Only 2 mm. It further expands the design freedom, saves assembly time and cost, and makes the product smaller, lighter and thinner. This resulted in a new process: 3D
IME (3D In-Mold Electronics), that is, three-dimensional in-mold electronics.

3D-IME is used in new energy vehicles, airplanes, home appliances, consumer electronics and other industrial fields, and is a key technology of 'smart skin' or 'electronic skin'.

imd panel technology is an innovative process developed on the basis of IMD and three-dimensional circuit technology. It is a thin-film surface decoration technology for exposed 'three-dimensional circuits'. As a result, plastic products endow electronic functions, and plastic and electronic components are inseparable 3D
MID technology (three-dimensional molding) is currently a hot technology in automotive interiors, and automotive manufacturers use this to upgrade product grades.

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