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IMD product characteristics in imd electrical panel

by:Jolly     2022-01-10

Decoration), also known as in-film decoration technology, is an integrated decoration technology that combines traditional injection molding technology with surface material application technology. It is mainly divided into IMA (in-mold assembly technology) and IML (in-mold labeling technology) ) And IMR (in-mold transfer technology) and so on.
IMD is suitable for plastic products of 3C, home appliances, LOGO nameplates and auto parts, especially the popular mobile phone casings and various imd electrical panels.

IMD in-mold decoration is a relatively new automated production process. Compared with the traditional process, IMD is more flexible in design, and realizes product diversification at a lower cost and faster. Therefore, it can quickly produce time and cost, and also It has the advantages of improving the quality, increasing the layering of the image and improving the durability of the product. It is applied to the appearance of the product IMD
In-mold decoration can replace many traditional manufacturing processes, such as thermal transfer, spraying, silk screen printing, electroplating and other appearance decoration methods. The imd electrical panel plays a very important role in the electrical industry, especially for related products such as a variety of color patterns and backlights.

1. IMD product features

※ The exquisite decorative graphics and logos are concealed and will not disappear due to friction or chemical corrosion.

※ The graphic, logo and color design can be changed at any time without changing the mold.

※ For products with three-dimensional shapes, the printing accuracy is accurate and the error is +0.05mm.

※ Can provide graphics, logo back light transmittance and high light transmittance window effect.

※ The function keys have uniform convex bubbles and good hand feeling, and the service life can reach more than 1 million times.

※ The three-dimensional change can increase the designer's degree of freedom in product design.

※ The composite molding process achieves a seamless effect.

Because of imd's product characteristics, imd electrical panels are widely used.

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