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Improve the earphone leather case to enhance the competitiveness of earphones

by:Jolly     2022-01-06
In terms of material selection, the leather case of the excellent earphone is made of soft lambskin, and the interior is filled with inert sponge. At present, this type of earmuffs can also use Japanese imported protein or Korean protein as the leather material of the earphone holster, which can effectively reduce the product cost by several times, and at the same time, it can also get a good earphone cover wearing comfort.
   Among the earphone brands, we know that many well-known manufacturers have adopted some different earphone holster designs, and this type of design is mainly used for earphones with a price of more than two thousand. As we mentioned earlier, the price of large headphones is usually determined by: brand effect, appearance design, wearing comfort, and sound quality. The brand needs time to settle, and the sound quality requires a higher technical level and team, so it is suitable in a short time. Achieve appearance design and wearing comfort, the most important factor affecting comfort: earmuffs, ear cushion design.
  Characteristics: As human ears open outwards, the opening range gradually increases from front to back, and a special design appears, that is, the inside of the earmuffs is small at the front and large at the back, which fits the human ear and can be close Zero ear pressure, comfortable to wear, and how much does this type of headset cost? Different time periods may vary.
   In the earphone market, the reason why earphones can set a higher price is usually determined by the brand effect, appearance design, wearing comfort, and sound quality. Then how should we improve earphone holsters to enhance the market competitiveness of earphones Woolen cloth? In the past, the loyalty of earphone users was much higher than today. Under the impact of the Internet platform, it is easy for our customers to find more homogeneous large earphone products, which means that at the same price, you can bring users The more value, the easier it is for you to win customers.
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