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Induction luminous mobile phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-30

In mid-June 2020, after more than a year of meticulous research and development, our technicians finally made a breakthrough in the field of luminous mobile phone cases. . . . . .

The current homogeneity of the mobile phone case market is serious, the threshold is low, and the lack of innovation has caused many companies to face reduced orders, continuous losses, or even bankruptcy. According to incomplete statistics, in May of this year alone, at least a thousand companies engaged in the mobile phone case industry in the Pearl River Delta closed down or switched businesses. In addition to being affected by the epidemic, the biggest problem is still caused by the lack of innovation of the enterprise itself.

Qilai Plastics has focused on mobile phone case customization and foundry for ten years, and has accumulated rich experience. At the same time, it continues to develop new products and innovate. Each new product released is well received by agents and foreign traders. And loved by major e-commerce platforms.

The induction luminous mobile phone case wholesale is one of our top products this year. After tens of thousands of tests, the light-emitting mobile phone case can sense light according to the mobile phone's operating conditions. It does not emit light when not in use, and does not generate energy consumption.

The biggest highlight of the luminous mobile phone case is to highlight the diversity of the mobile phone case's painted patterns, fashion and the artistry of the integration of cultural and creative displays! Especially suitable for literary lovers who pursue individuality!

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