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Introduction to the key points of the detailed design of the mobile phone holster (2)

by:Jolly     2022-01-01

Introduction to the key points of the detailed design of the mobile phone leather case (2)

(1) The craftsmanship refers to the various processes, production methods and production techniques in the production of the leather case, reflecting the quality and grade of a product Important ring

section. It mainly includes materials selection and cutting technology; shovel thickness, width, slope and other technologies and data; needle shape in sewing, needle number, stitch distance, margin, number of strands , Thread color, thread quality, and the technology and data of open seam, dark seam and semi-open seam; selection of auxiliary materials, processing technology and data; assembly process, hemming, hemming, oily edge, Glue, bonding technology and data; branding, silk

printing, car decoration thread, computer embroidery, punching, stringing, threading, nailing and other decorative technologies and data. (2) Color There are countless colors in nature, but for the leather case industry, black, brown and red are the three most classic colors. Since the artists

have lavishly rendered their masterpieces, This problem has been brought to the attention of the holster industry. By the 1980s, more and more urbanites were fond of the colors of nature. With the development of technology, these colors have been widely used in all walks of life. In 1997, colorful

designs swept the world. Since then, the color changes have become more and more intense and out of control, not only red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue

, All appeared on the stage, and thousands of variations of their edge colors and mixed colors also shined brightly. In recent years, many fascinating colors such as metallic colors, pearl colors, fluorescent metallic colors, two-color, five-color, and various antique colors have appeared. (3) Texture texture includes the pattern and artificial texture of the material itself. In the early days, mobile phone cases were mostly grained leather (known as stitch patterns), as well as

textile patterns and various patterns printed on the fabric; in modern times, many real things have appeared. Fake animal or plant textures;

Modern uses more natural textures and designs various geometric textures, space-time patterns and other creative ideas on the basis of the past.

Texture. (4) Lines Lines are geometric elements that make up a variety of surfaces and bodies. Each line gives people a different feeling and 'provokes' countless 'rights and wrongs

straight.' Straight lines give people a sense of integrity, firmness, openness, calm, and unity; vertical lines give people a sense of seriousness, upright, and support; curved lines give people a soft, relaxed, and free feeling; wavy lines give people a feeling of sternness, uprightness, and support. Smooth and free, up and down feeling; snail curve gives people the feeling of gradually shrinking

or stretching; arcs give people a feeling of roundness, fullness or thinness; diagonal lines give people a feeling of overwhelming and oppressive lines; Life is hard

, roundabout, sudden feeling. (5) Ratio

In the leather case industry, the shape, accessories and component specifications of each type of product have a relatively stable size range, showing different

proportional relationships. Of course, it does not rule out the deliberate destruction of proportions in order to highlight the effect of exaggeration in a certain popular stage. The texture, color, and texture of the material, as well as the accessories and craftsmanship of the product, are the most important elements in the design and development of leather cases. As for

how designers can effectively grasp the various elements to construct creative and valuable styles, it is necessary for designers to first master

in different eras and different markets. And find out the answer from the different epidemic situations. Designers not only need to fully understand the history of leather case design

, as a source of inspiration; more importantly, they must be based on the market and pay attention to the development trends of all walks of life, the lifestyles of the masses and

Changes in consumption concepts. Only in this way can designers continue to innovate and design products that the market needs.

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