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Introduction to the product advantages of Qilai mobile phone holster|Dongguan mobile phone holster manufacturer

by:Jolly     2021-12-30

Introduction to the product advantages of Qilai mobile phone holsters|Dongguan mobile phone holster manufacturer

Service hotline 400-858-681 Our company has recently launched a number of new mobile phone cases. The product advantages are: 1. The leather case has fine workmanship, precise hole cutting, easy installation, convenient use, and is the first to start with wonderful details. 2. In a casual state, you don't want to just settle for flexibility. The cover is embedded with manganese steel, the strongest protective core, and the law of rigidity and flexibility of a holster is explained. Third, a leather case with a high-quality texture will definitely win with a soft high-quality leather material, with a soft and comfortable feel. 4. Adopt high-temperature-resistant one-time voltage thermoforming, extremely thin, extremely light, and magnetic buckle adsorption, which perfectly fits your favorite machine. 5. The outer layer feels comfortable and delicate! The middle layer is embedded with manganese steel sheet, which is hard and tough, and effectively protects the screen of the mobile phone. The inner layer of high-density microfiber fabric does not scratch your favorite machine. 6. The bottom support is made of high-quality PC material and is integrally formed, with accurate positioning, not easy to fall off, and easy to disassemble. The frosted matte texture is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and at the same time has excellent shock absorption and anti-fall protection. The advantages of its product details are: 1. The earpiece position is precisely opened, and the call does not need to be flipped for easy chat; 2. The extreme protection of the edge of 1mm: the edge of the leather case is increased by 1mm, which effectively prevents the direct collision between the edge of the phone and the hard object, which is more effective Protection; three, support function, release hands: adjustable angle support function to meet your multi-angle viewing needs; the above information is provided by the mobile phone cover manufacturer, more new mobile phone covers are available

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