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Is it profitable to do mobile phone case printing? Is it a potential entrepreneurial project?

by:Jolly     2021-12-20

I believe that 99% of people choose entrepreneurial projects to make money, not to make money, what do you want to do?

The same is true for this customized project of our company. The first thing that many customers want to consider when coming to the company is, does this thing make money? How much a simple mobile phone case wholesale can make a day money?

Actually, when I first came to the company, I also had this question. A mobile phone case can only sell for a quick amount of money online. You can pass this one Printing equipment can be sold at a price several times higher than that of a certain treasure by making a personalized design. Anyone?

The voice of questioning has been lingering in my mind---um, yes, whoever wants it!

However, this questioning voice disappeared later, because I found that more and more people joined this customized equipment, and even many people did some An agent in a certain city in the province, why is this?

Later, through constant contact with the order records of franchisees and agents, I suddenly realized it. . . It turned out that I was wrong!

The background order data of the franchisees cannot be deceived. Usually, 20-30 copies are printed a day, and some even exceed 40. If On holidays, orders can increase by 50%. What kind of concept is this? If you calculate a sales of 20 yuan, you can have 400-500 yuan in income a day, and the net profit can be as fast as 300!

This is just a conservative estimate.

If there is a holiday, there is more than just flipping through the profits.

So, many people say that mobile phone cases make money? What I want to say is that it is really profitable, and the small industry that you look down on can really make a lot of money.

But if you want to say whether you can do it for a long time, I personally think that the problem is not big, why?

When someone asked before, I also specially went to the Internet to collect relevant information, such as market analysis, prospects, etc. They are organized into this article: About the mobile phone case customization market If you don’t understand the investigation and analysis, you can read it.

Through investigation and understanding, it is found that selling mobile phone cases does not make much money, and selling customized mobile phone cases is indeed just the beginning of the bonus. If you want to do business in this area, don’t If you take a serious look at this industry, you will find another world.

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