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Is it reliable to earn 2W+ a month for 'customized' mobile phone cases?

by:Jolly     2021-12-22

The so-called business is actually where there is demand, where we should go. No matter what industry it is, as long as you are interested, you can always find business opportunities.

Today, the editor will tell you that what seems to be a traditional industry can actually be done differently. We see that many manufacturers may go bankrupt due to poor management. In fact, these operations cannot continue. It does not mean that this process is outdated, but that the products produced by the assembly line are too single.

But this one is understandable, because many small factories do small profits but quick turnover. But it is also such a cookie-cutter product that makes products that have no technical content lose their competitiveness. Once the market overflows with products, the fate of these small manufacturers is predictable.

And to get rid of this embarrassment, in fact, the most effective is 'customizationIn fact, the word customization is no stranger to everyone. With the improvement of our living standards, customization has become a trend, and this is the biggest business opportunity.

The simplest thing is the mobile phone case. Now the mobile phone has become the standard configuration of everyone, and the mobile phone case is the standard configuration of the mobile phone. This should be a very large market. Of course, the reality is that there are many people who make mobile phone cases. If you want to do it well, you need something different. As a college student entrepreneur, Xiao Lu has done it.

Everyone is familiar with star chasing, whether it is domestic or foreign. And star chasers are all pursuing individuality, mobile phones are the same, reflecting individuality is the mobile phone case. From the beginning, Xiao Lu wanted to find a mobile phone case she liked. The request was simple: she had her own idol and a pattern she liked, but she didn't find it for a long time.

There are many mobile phone cases, but they are not personal. This situation is actually very common. Young people pursue individuality, and they can pay high prices for individuality. After all, everyone has seen the current star-chasing craze.

Because Xiaolu couldn’t buy a personalized phone case wholesale, he started to “make his own”. Very good, I asked where I bought it. That's how Xiaolu started thinking about making a personalized phone case.

Because Xiaolu has a background in painting, it is also possible to customize by hand, but this one will cost more, and of course the price is higher. Xiaolu opened an online shop in total, took orders online, and customized different mobile phone cases according to customer requirements.

Customers only need to send over the model of their mobile phone and the images of their favorite idols, and they can customize them privately. Wind or rock style is fine. One can be customized, but customers will often make several. The phone case is his idol, as if his idol is near.

The customized mobile phone case wholesale is not like a factory. It is precisely because of this that it also saves a lot of labor costs, which can be said to be a small investment project. Of course, everything is difficult at the beginning. The most important thing in doing this is not the investment in cost, but how to beat the reputation of your store.

The method Xiaolu chose is actually very simple. The first step is to get friends to help promote through his circle of friends. Of course, at the beginning the business was patronized by acquaintances, but gradually, people other than friends placed orders.

Xiaolu has also joined a lot of idol communities, where he will also find orders, of course, there are platforms such as Douyin. Now she has quite a lot of regular customers for her customized mobile phone cases. Of course, she can’t be too busy. Now she also hires people to help. It’s normal to make 20,000-30,000 in a month.

Of course, there will also be mass production, such as small gifts for idols. This little Lu will directly cooperate with the factory to earn the intermediate price.

Actually, star chasing is something that every era will have. This is actually the biggest business opportunity. Small businesses can also have a lot of space. It seems that mobile phone cases are already very common. As long as you highlight your own characteristics, you can still do well.

The article originated from: Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurship, organized and published by the editor!

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