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Is it worth the world’s thinnest rechargeable phone case for $59?

by:Jolly     2021-12-11
A ChargeAll company from California, USA, launched an ultra-thin rechargeable phone case wholesale ThinCharge, which claims to be the world’s thinnest rechargeable phone case, which can more than double the battery life of iPhone 6. It is both a protective cover and a power bank, simple but not simple! From light to thin to short to restore the beauty of the iPhone 6. The thickness of the iPhone 6 itself is 6.8 mm. After installing the ThinCharge rechargeable phone case, the thickness is 12.7 mm, which is equivalent to one more iPhone 6. However, this thickness is still higher than that of the same type. The charging case is much thinner. In addition, the weight of the mobile phone case is less than 85g, and it will not bring much burden. Although there are many similar charging cases on a universal treasure, most of them have a chin in addition to being thick, and the high value of the iPhone 6 is instantly ruined. The ThinCharge phone case can remove the cumbersome long chin, and is designed to restore the original beauty of the love phone. The 2600mAh battery capacity more than doubles the battery life. ThinCharge's built-in 2600mAh battery doubles the battery life of iPhone6. Although 2600mAh is not a large capacity, it is enough for the iPhone 6 with only 1810mAh. One-key charging is time-saving and labor-saving. After the mobile phone case is installed, when charging is required, the user only needs to press the side switch to charge the mobile phone, which saves time and effort. In addition, no additional accessories and data cables are needed, as long as the original accessory lighting data cable of the iPhone 6 can charge the phone case. And the default is to charge the iPhone 6 first, and then intelligently switch to charge the back clip battery after it is fully charged. Perfect fit and precise hole position All-round protection The ThinCharge mobile phone case wholesale also functions as a protective cover. Its rounded corners enhance the protection of the four corners of the iPhone 6. In addition, the phone case also precisely reserves holes for cameras, speakers, etc., to give users the best experience. The back design complements the iPhone 6, perfect protection for the protruding camera. Half-price super discount benefits are on sale globally. At present, the ThinCharge charging phone case is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. As of the writing of Leifeng.com, the project has been supported by 894 people and raised $77,733, which is not over yet. It far exceeds its crowdfunding goal of $30,000. 742 of the 1,000 early-bird places have been sold. The early-bird price of $59 is half the retail price of $129. Where can I find such a big discount? What are your itchy friends waiting for? The project will end on September 25, 2015, with hands fast but slow hands without. Users in China need to pay an additional US$25 international shipping fee for purchases. If the fund-raising goes well, shipments are expected to start in September 2015. The ThinCharge rechargeable phone case is currently only available in the iPhone 6 version, but ChargeAll said that if there is enough market demand, it will also launch the iPhone 6 plus version. It also said that after Apple releases the new iPhone on the 9th of this month, bookers can also choose the ThinCharge rechargeable phone case for the latest iPhone.
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