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Is Jolly priced high?
Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited is priced in a reasonable manner. It is based on manufacturing costs, markets, competition, market conditions, brand and product quality. The brand is positioned as a product of significance. Investment in research and development, production, quality control, etc. is very large. The brand is considered to meet the needs of most users.

Jolly is a highly reliable supplier and manufacturer of magnetic detachable phone case. Airpods Case produced by Jolly is very popular in the market. Our solid packing is suitable for long-distance transportation. Its pattern and texture are highly customizable. The product allows less frequent replacement, which means lower maintenance costs in terms of labor and lower costs for replacement parts (because its bulbs simply do not fail for a long time). The product is 100% handmade with an elegant looking.

Jolly puts the emphasis on continuous improvement of Airpods Case.
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