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Is the mobile phone silicone protective cover toxic?

by:Jolly     2021-12-14
Nowadays, silicone mobile phone protective covers are everywhere, and mobile phones are an indispensable tool in communication. Many people want to buy a mobile phone protective cover for their love device, but most of them are worried that silicone is poisonous! So are silicone phone cases toxic? Is the silicone phone case poisonous? In fact, silica gel itself does not cause harm to the human body, just like the silica gel that women usually use in breast implants. Are silicone phone cases toxic? The above statement has explained that silica gel does not cause harm to the human body, that is, pure silica gel is not harmful to the human body! But there is no guarantee that inferior silica gel is harmful to the human body! When you buy a silicone mobile phone maintenance cover, if there is a pungent smell, then you should pay attention. Such a silicone product should be unqualified. It does not matter if it is suitable for mobile phone covers, as long as you can bear it. This kind of smell will not damage your body! Here I suggest that you should not be greedy for small and cheap silicone phone cases when purchasing silicone phone cases. Silicone cases with different prices are often of different quality. Good quality is really good, and effective protection of the phone is the king. At present, the price of silicone sleeves on the right track is mostly only a dozen to dozens of dollars. So on the question of 'Is the silicone phone case poisonous?You can use the silicone phone case wholesale with confidence and put on a beautiful and fashionable coat for your love machine!
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