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It’s a simple way to customize the phone case with pictures, you deserve it!

by:Jolly     2021-12-15

One mobile phone case wholesale, one picture, customize your own different mobile phone case products, we call it mobile phone case customization with pictures! ! !

Search on Taobao and you can see many sellers who customize mobile phone cases

The business is not bad, and there are tens of thousands of sales in a month. These are just a few simple ones. If you consider all the sellers of the entire customization, this is indeed a big market.

Let's take a look at their custom way of drawing pictures, that is, customers send pictures to sellers, and sellers find professional artists to modify them (P picture). Then submit the renderings to the customer, and the customer can customize the production if they are satisfied.

It has to be said that the repeated confirmations and competitions once and again waste a lot of time for both buyers and sellers.

This is the most popular 'customized phone case with pictures' on Taobao.

The method I am going to talk about today is different from the above method.

This is a more time-saving and labor-saving customization method for consumers and businesses. The way is as follows:

Consumers enter the professional customized mall software through the link or WeChat two-microcode ,

1: In the software, customers choose the corresponding model according to their own mobile phone brand model;

2: Different models have A variety of materials can be selected, choose a material you like;

3: Add your favorite pattern, the pattern can be the mobile phone's own, or the massive high-definition images in the mall;

4: You can add your favorite text or icon to the pattern, and DIY a unique shell;

5: After you are completely satisfied, submit your DIY work and preview it to confirm that it is correct , Just submit the order!

6: The system automatically generates the order number.

You can submit the digital order number generated by the system to the merchant.

The merchant can see the mobile phone case orders submitted by the customer through the background management software, and after the screenshot and the customer confirm that they are correct, they can click to print directly in the background.

After 1-2 minutes , A mobile phone case designed by a customer is produced in this way.

The above is the most worry-free and time-saving process of customizing a mobile phone case.

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