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It takes a few days for silicone mobile phone case manufacturers to customize proofing

by:Jolly     2021-12-13

Silicone mobile phone case wholesale manufacturer Qilai Silicone Technology, it only takes 3 days to make a sample of the customer's mobile phone case wholesale, plus the vulcanization express time is about 3-5 days to reach the customer. With 3 days of proofing time, I believe that many silicone phone case wholesale manufacturers are unlikely to be able to do so. So how does Qilai Silicone Technology do it? What are the requirements for the factory in the mere three days, and what impact will it have on the overall production schedule?

The difference between Qilai Silicone Technology and other silicone phone case manufacturers is that the factory has the ability to design and open molds to provide customers with customized solutions to difficult problems. Qilai Silicone has its own mold department, which can open sample molds and bulk goods molds by itself. Qilai Silicone Technology also hires high-paying professional and technical personnel such as mold machine engineers, senior programmers, etc., which greatly reduces the time consumed in programming. The factory can quickly modify the sample mold according to the customer's requirements, speed up the process of the research and development cycle, thereby shortening the entire production cycle.

Although Qilai Silicone Technology saves time on the mold, how does it ensure that the production schedule is not affected? This is all due to the factory's complete management system, the communication and cooperation between various departments, and the formulation of detailed production plans. Qilai Silicone Technology also summarized many factors that affect the production schedule, of which the proportion of machine failures is small but the impact is the largest. The factory specially conducts enhanced training for operators, learns the analysis and handling of common failures of the machines used, and can deal with problems as soon as they are found to ensure the smooth progress of the entire production process.

Silicone mobile phone case manufacturer Qilai Silicone Technology, the mobile phone case proofing takes only 3 days. The factory's complete design and complete system can ensure the quality and delivery of the products, and provide customers with one-stop service of mobile phone case customization.

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