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It takes a few steps to customize a leather phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-19
How many steps does it take to customize a skinned phone case wholesale? Different manufacturers will have different answers. Outsourcing factory: We need to determine what kind of finished product the customer needs. After confirming the finished product sample, we can send out the order for production and processing. One step is added at the back, that is, the two parties will ship the goods as agreed in the contract after the goods are ready. Conventional leather goods factory: first look at the product requirements, after the samples are pasted and signed to the customer, the samples can be taken on line for production, and the subsequent shipment is very simple. Qilai Leather Factory: The business department receives the order and issues the sample order, the sample room produces according to the order, and the sample product is returned to the customer after confirmation is correct, and the production contract is generated, and both parties seal and sign. The production department receives bulk orders, receives the sample board confirmed steps and mass production of samples. All qc products are inspected at all stages of mass production, and the number of inspection points before shipment are fully inspected, and customers are reminded to pay the goods and the products are shipped. As you see later, you will find that whether it is outsourced or self-produced, the process is not the same, but also different. The difference is that for the number of product quality inspections and the principle of full inspection, we do not guarantee that every step can be done, but we can guarantee that the product will be fully inspected after every key step is done to prepare for the next step.
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