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Keychains can also be customized through customized equipment

by:Jolly     2021-12-11

Key chain, also known as key chain, key ring, key chain, key hanger, etc. The materials are generally metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc. This object is exquisite, compact, and ever-changing in shape. It is a daily necessities that people carry with them.

There are many shapes of keychains, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, simulation models, etc. The materials are generally copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., mainly zinc alloy surface nickel or rhodium plating And other anti-rust elements. The keychain has become a small gift.

It is precisely because the keychain is a small product that people need, so personalized customization has a certain meaning.

For example, you can print a variety of landscapes, characters, animations, pets, comics and other patterns on the surface of the keychain, so that the original keychain can be replaced a thousand times. Exuding different vitality and vitality can also reflect one's own personality and taste.

A personalized keychain like the one above will always give people a different feeling. A friend may ask, how did you get this product?

Actually, this small personal product is customized through the company's second-generation printing customization equipment. First, edit the pattern on the keychain that you want to print through the general template of the company's customized mall (note: It’s your own DIY design, the pattern is completely customized), it can be the picture in your mobile phone, or the pattern that comes with the company mall, of course, the premise is that you like it.

As for printing, it is more Easy. Find your order in the mall, choose to print and it will be OK.

It can be easily printed out in 2-3 minutes through a customized printing device.

Of course, this machine is not just a product for printing keychains, like the most used mobile phone cases, wood panels, mobile power and makeup mirrors on the market. . . . It will be all right.

The company's third-generation machine can print more products. If you are interested, please consult customer service!

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