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Luhan’s DIY phone case is on fire, because he sold a price of 1,700 yuan for a case of his own

by:Jolly     2021-12-11

Recently, when I was watching Baidu backstage, the search volume for the word 'Luhan mobile phone case' was unusually high. What is the situation?

I checked the consumption records of an account and found that the word actually accounted for half of the consumption. In order to find out why everyone is so concerned about this word, the editor specially went to Baidu. Only then did the news know that it was Lu Han's ghost!

Lu Han, born in 1990, is already a very famous artist in the Mainland. Not only can perform but also sing, it can be described as a popular niche. Since Lu Han retired from the 'Running Man' variety show, he has rarely seen him appear on the screen. Perhaps he is in a secret position and fans may prepare elaborate gifts for fans.

The original work of the matter was that Luhan Studio uploaded a small video to the Internet. In the video, it can be seen that Luhan is in a transparent mobile phone case. Impromptu painting above, new version of self-portrait. I have to say that Lu Han is truly a 'master' in painting. It didn't take much time for a brand new self-portrait of Lu Han to be presented in front of him. This speed is simply amazing. The works are as follows:

Of course, the pattern is improvised on the phone case. For my aesthetic point of view, this is really ugly, just in my company’s personality. It won’t be the case for a customized mobile phone case store!

But for the fans of Luhan, it is different. No matter what DIY pattern the star draws, they are all happy to die.

In the video, Lu Han also ridiculed himself that his portrait is now in its current state. If you are blessed, you will be blessed! At the same time, I also don't forget to wish everyone a 'big waist and round'. what. . .

For me, a editor who is not cold to celebrities, I just want to say that the company’s personalized patterns are good-looking. I really don’t like the little Fuwa above.

Compared to the Luhan mobile phone case wholesale, I prefer the case printed by the company above. New Luhan fans forgive me!

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