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Market prospect analysis of mobile phone case customization

by:Jolly     2021-12-16

For the wired telephone 10 years ago, it took a long time for people to make a call. As time progressed, the BP machine appeared, and then the public telephone appeared in the streets and alleys, and it became more and more convenient for people to communicate. In recent years, the emergence of smart phones has made people more experience the power of technology. This high-tech thing quickly occupied the market. Now basically there are one or even two, and China has a population of more than 1.4 billion. If the number of mobile phones in the market is 800 million, this is a huge market.

There are many things that these 800 million people can do. Among them, mobile phone cases are a huge market?

We all know that the main function of the mobile phone case is to protect the mobile phone, but with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the external artistic value of the mobile phone case is also required It is getting higher and higher, so personalized mobile phone cases have appeared, so who are most in need?

According to the survey, analysis and summary of the company of Xiangyin Technology, there are the following groups of people who have a strong demand for personality customization.

First of all, college and high school students. Today’s college students’ smartphone ownership rate is close to 100%, and the mobile phone ownership rate of 13-18-year-olds has reached 90%. Comparing, one of the classmates will show a personalized mobile phone case, and it will immediately trigger a shell exchange craze among other classmates. One is cooler and the other is more individual. The mobile phone is used for playing and may not be changed often, but the mobile phone case is used to show your personality, and the price is not high, you can change it frequently.

Followed by trendy people, this kind of people’s world is never the same as ordinary people. They wear all kinds of clothes and shoes. They have to buy limited edition bags. Hairstyles are renewed every week, so mobile phones Shells need to have different personalities, so that they can show their uniqueness everywhere.

Finally, there are white-collar workers. This kind of people travel from 9 to 5 and shuttle between various office buildings and apartments in the city every day, on the way to work, on the bus, Listening to music, playing games, watching news on the subway... is the best way for them to pass the boring time, and the personalized phone case is a beautiful scenery of themselves. In the office, the distinctive mobile phone case is also the focus of the envy of colleagues. On Weibo and WeChat, show off your lover phone case, and gain a lot of envy, jealousy and hatred! It can lead more people to buy.

In summary, the consumer market for mobile phone case customization is very huge. The market prospects are quite good. There is a lot of 'money'. The earlier you enter, the more you can gain. More profit.

So how to achieve personalized customization of the phone case? This requires a special mobile phone case wholesale printer. Xiangyin Technology has developed on-site customization of mobile phone shell machinery and equipment, and you can print out the personalized customized products you want in only 3 minutes and time.

Not only that, Xiangyin Technology has also independently developed a software system that connects consumers and production equipment, that is, consumers can scan the QR code to enter the gift customization page, upload and edit their favorite photos and Write text, form an order, wait 3 minutes on site to get a customized gift just for you.

Does it feel particularly different?

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