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Metal UV printer-printing UV printing equipment directly on the metal table machine

by:Jolly     2022-01-11

Ordinary people know that printing equipment generally prints patterns or text on paper, but industrial printing is different. It can print a variety of advertising patterns on more surfaces, and it is difficult to print in some Because of the weak surface adsorption capacity of the products such as metal glass, the ink is generally not easy to adhere. Many large UV machines also use an oil injection method, that is, spray a layer of strong adsorption capacity on the surface of the object. Coating, and then print the pattern you want to print on top of the oil layer to achieve the effect of the printed pattern.

This does increase a lot of operating costs, time costs and material costs for some large machines. If you don't need to spray oil, you can print it directly on the product meter.

Society is progressing and technology is developing. Now it has become a reality to not spray oil directly on the metal surface. This is the company’s latest generation of A3UV printing equipment, which can directly print on the metal surface according to customer needs. Pattern, no need to spray varnish.

Omit the step of spraying varnish, you can save a lot of time and money for manufacturers, improve the efficiency of product production, and earn more profits for businesses.

Shenzhen Gift Fair customer provided a metal material, the pattern printed on the spot, fully met the customer's need for printing patterns on the metal surface.

The surface of the circular object that the customer requires to print on site can also be printed without spraying the layer. The effect is still very good.

The printer that can print on metal surfaces is the company’s third-generation UV printing equipment, an all-round UV printer that does more than just print metal!

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