Mirror uv printer-a small machine that can print glass mirror

by:Jolly     2022-01-11

With the development of the UV printing industry, the traditional glass printing technology is gradually eliminated, and the development of unique UV printing technology makes the product of glass glow better, which is to print all kinds of directly on the glass table machine Various patterns.

Because the printing is simple, the cost is low, and the patterns are becoming more and more personalized, they are becoming more and more popular with customers. In addition to the personalized products, the products produced by the merchants also add profitable space.

Compared with simple frosted glass, this kind of personalized products with patterns is more popular among users.

Of course, the above was printed by a large UV machine. Which small UV printer can print? The answer is yes: yes.

Among them, the company's small UV printer can print glass products in A3 format. Compared with the operation, the small machine is easier to operate and easier to print than the large one.

For example, the glass mirror surface of the customer proofing.

Because it is printed with UV ink, the pattern has been cured at the moment of printing, so the printed pattern is clearer, and there will be no blurring and wire drawing. This is also the reason why customers like UV glass printing shells very much.

The company saw the opportunities and business opportunities in this market, grasped the pulse of the market, and independently developed and produced small UV printing equipment. The purpose is to allow more businesses to serve consumers through this small equipment and Earn your own wealth.

If you are interested in such equipment, please contact us!

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