Mobile phone case dedicated printer-mobile phone case picture printer

by:Jolly     2021-12-16
The XY06 customized equipment of Xiangyin Technology is a professional mobile phone shell picture customized printer. This printer can print hundreds of mobile phone cases

Currently the mainstream mobile phone cases on the market are like Apple and Huawei VIVOOPPO. Various models can be customized with pictures.

There are nearly dozens of models under each mobile phone brand, which can cover 90% of the types on the market. So all the brand models are printed out through the following device.

This device looks small, but it is really small, only the size of an ordinary printer, and weighs only 5 kg. The operation is also foolish, as long as you can click the mouse, you can do such a business.

The printed samples of the product are as follows

In fact, this personalized customization device is a very good personal entrepreneurial project. After you have this device , You can easily customize their mobile phone cases for consumers who need to customize their mobile phone cases in the society. The company also recommends friends with entrepreneurial ambitions to make this money. Many franchisees have indeed made money through this project. Here is a case: the record of franchisees earning thousands of dollars a day will not introduce too much here. Of course, friends who want to know the company’s projects directly, click this link directly : Mobile phone case wholesale customization entrepreneurial project Here is a detailed project introduction.

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