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Mobile phone case film cutting machine-perfect solution to the problem of mobile phone case inventory

by:Jolly     2021-12-16

Mobile phone protective film is an industry that has gradually formed with the development of smart touch-screen mobile phones. In the beginning, in order to reduce the cost of using mobile phones, people made a transparent protective film with suitable materials and attached it to the mobile phone screen to prevent screen bursts, scratches, and falls caused by various accidents. Change the phone. Screens cost a lot, so most people have begun to accept and widely use mobile phone protective films. There is a market when there is demand. Therefore, more and more businesses are seeing such opportunities, and they have started such businesses and developed to the present. Mobile phone protective film has formed a very complete industrial chain.

   With the development of technology, the mobile phone market currently has a wide range of models and categories, and a large number of updates are made every year. The more traditional mobile phones require a one-to-one correspondence between models. In other words, it is necessary to reserve a large number of mobile phone films of different models. If there is a sharp decline in the sales of a certain mobile phone, the demand for the mobile phone film market will inevitably decrease, and the inventory of manufacturers and scrap films will increase. For large merchants, mobile phones The storage of membranes and mobile phone cases is very large, and every year due to the occurrence of such situations, there are tens of thousands of small losses.

   But with the birth of the mobile phone film cutting machine, the above problems can be effectively solved, and the production of customized mobile phone cases can be realized at the same time, providing customers with more considerate services through small According to the actual investigation and understanding of the editor, the current merchants that achieve efficient drainage through the film cutting machine are also doing very good results, not only solving the problem of mobile phone film inventory, but also solving the drainage problem.

  , as a smart device, the mobile phone film cutting machine has special functions such as helping film merchants to reduce the inventory of protective film, universal models of one film, and cutting of the front film and back film. It is mainly used for Consumers cut various types of protective films such as mobile phone film, watch film, camera film, lens film, tablet film, notebook film, and personalized fashion back film.

  Mobile phone film cutting machine is a product developed for cutting various flexible PE film, PU film, hydraulic film and other mobile phone explosion-proof film. Easy to operate, convenient and fast, easy to learn to use immediately. The emergence of mobile phone film cutting machine can provide you with a complete set of solutions to solve the inventory pressure of finished film of various mobile phone accessories manufacturers, which is very suitable for personal entrepreneurship or store drainage.

   Shenzhen Xiangyin Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in Ru0026D, production and sales of small uv printers, mobile phone case customization machines, and mobile phone case wholesale film cutting machines. It can provide a variety of small gift customization machines to meet Customers have individual requirements for the customization of the surface of the mobile phone case, and they can also customize customized patterns of A3 plane size for customers. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to consult!

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