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[Mobile phone case foundry] How to choose the customized technology of mobile phone case

by:Jolly     2022-01-05

u200bThe customization of mobile phone cases has a long history, and the customization of mobile phone cases is relative to the finished mobile phone cases.

With the rapid popularity of smart phones, most mobile phone cases on the market are manufactured in batches by factories. Everyone has similar shells and cannot meet the individual needs of consumers. In the era of consumer sovereignty, under the influence of trends such as personalization, distinctiveness, and dazzling, the tide of personalized customized mobile phone cases is coming!

How many kinds of mobile phone case customization are there? How should merchants who are interested in customizing mobile phone cases choose? This article will take you to the world of customized technology and equipment for mobile phone cases, and share it with you on a topic.

In terms of mobile phone case customization technology, there are three major genres:

Mobile phone case flat-panel printing technology, mobile phone case thermal transfer technology, mirrored mobile phone case customization technology

The first two belong to the old generation of mobile phone case customization technology, and the mirror phone case customization technology belongs to the new generation of mobile phone case wholesale customization technology

Let’s talk about the flat panel printing technology of the phone case first:

Flatbed printing technology is also known as mobile phone case direct printing color painting technology, universal printing technology, UV flatbed printer. It is to modify the color inkjet printers (mainly Epson color inkjet printers), modify the ink supply system, replace the nozzles, and increase the paper feeding system from the original paper feeding to the mobile phone case. The price of this kind of machine ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands, and some brands cost more than 100,000 yuan per unit.

This kind of printing uses oily ink, which may corrode the surface of the phone case to achieve the purpose of coloring. The oily ink particles are larger, there are many modifiers in it, and the ink will corrode the ink supply tube and the nozzle to a certain extent. The particles of the ink plus the particles produced by corroding the ink supply tube and the ink head will accumulate on the nozzle, causing the nozzle to block. After blocking, the pattern lacks color, the effect becomes poor, or even cannot be printed normally at all.

The cost of the nozzle is very high, and it is troublesome to maintain. Generally, small machines of A3 or A4 size usually show up after 1 to 2 months. A very small number of people have deep research, good maintenance, frequent replacement of accessories, and more time to use. Most people bought the machine and put it aside as a display. The machine cannot be used normally, and it is unwilling to sell waste products. This kind of machine

The effect of the mobile phone case made by the flat-panel direct printing process is better. But the disadvantage is that the pattern is easy to fall off, usually after 5 to 7 days, it starts to fade and fall off, and the customer experience is not good. In addition, a lot of modifiers are added to the ink, resulting in a strong smell of formaldehyde and benzene, which is not good for customers. Not environmentally friendly!

The case printing process belongs to the old generation technology.

PK diagram of mobile phone case process

Heat transfer technology:

The production of mobile phone case by heat transfer is also known as 3D heat transfer technology. Thermal transfer technology is an earlier technology and has a history of at least 30 years. The thermal transfer process is to use a color inkjet printer to print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper, wrap the printing film and the case together, and heat it at a high temperature to transfer the pattern on the mobile phone case.

The use of thermal transfer to make mobile phone cases has a history of about 10 years. Initially, the mobile phone case was made by thermally transferring the pattern on a flat aluminum material, and then the aluminum sheet was attached to the grooved case to form a customized mobile phone case.

Later, heat transfer introduced vacuum technology, through vacuum absorption, so that the printing film can not only be transferred to the surface of the phone case, but also to the side. This is the so-called 3D thermal transfer.

Heat transfer technology, the overall effect is better.

But the disadvantage is that the process is cumbersome and the operation is more troublesome. With a slight movement, it is easy to operate the transfer ghost. The success rate cannot be guaranteed.

3D thermal transfer mobile phone case technology belongs to the old generation technology.

Customization process of mirrored mobile phone case:

The method of mirroring printing (flip printing) is mainly adopted to customize the printing film on the inner side of the mobile phone case.

Mainly used in transparent color shells, quicksand mobile phone shells, glass shells, and silicone soft shells. Only the transparent part of the phone case can be customized. Whether soft or hard shell.

The printing method is water-washed printing, the effect is extremely rich and colorful, and the color saturation is high.

Because it is customized on the inside of the phone case wholesale, the pattern will never fall off and it is very wear-resistant, even if it is cut with a knife!

As soon as the customized technology of mirrored mobile phone case was launched, it was welcomed.

Customization of mirrored mobile phone cases

So far, the customization process of mirrored mobile phone cases has gradually become the mainstream, and there have also been many variants of mirrored mobile phone case customization, such as glass case and crystal glue curing technology. These are some specific applications. u200bu200b

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