[Mobile phone case foundry] Silicone phone case or tpu phone case is better

by:Jolly     2022-01-05

Obviously, silicone and TPU are two different materials.

1- Comparing materials:

Silicone is a kind of rubber, and high-quality silicone is pure natural. At present, if you buy a silicone phone case for less than 50 yuan on a certain treasure, it is basically synthetic silicone. Most of the so-called “silica gel sleeves” of a few dollars above are fake. They are basically sprayed with a layer of synthetic silicone oil on the basis of TPU.

TPU is a kind of The soft plastic that is widely welcomed by the market is chemically called Thermoplastic polyurethanes, abbreviated as TPU in English, and called thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber in Chinese.

Why are there a large number of mobile phone cases using this material on the market? Because this material has very good heat resistance and elasticity, it is easy to melt into liquid after heating, it is easy to form in the injection molding machine mold, and has good processing properties, such as electroplating, leather spraying, color painting, 3D UV printing, etc. . When a large number of processing plants in the market use this material, due to the scale effect, the cost price is reduced, and the market popularity is accelerated.

2- Compare from the price:

Without considering additional special processes, the price of silicone phone cases is definitely more expensive than TPU phone cases, mainly due to scarcity and manufacturing costs. The cheapness of TPU has attracted hundreds of millions of people to use, and most of the phone cases are There are TPU materials, especially two-in-one.

3- In terms of health:

Some people may say that silica gel is healthier for the human body, but from daily use In general, the adsorption capacity of silicone sleeve and TPU for bacteria and oil is almost the same. Moreover, you may not be able to buy a real food-grade good silicone shell.

4- From the sense of experience In terms of:

The feel of the silicone phone case is moisturized, and the high-quality materials are friendly to the skin and do not irritate. The poor silicone case is just a layer of silicone oil added to the surface of the TPU phone case. Although there is a bit of silicone feel, you can still feel the hard touch of TPU.

5-In terms of protection:

This needs to look at the silicone phone case and TPU The thickness of the material of the mobile phone case can be determined by the factory during development and production. In the case of materials of the same thickness, generally speaking, silica gel is a bit more protective, but because the surface is softer, it is also easy to be scratched . The service life of TPU mobile phone cases is longer than that of silica gel.

6-From the aspect of aesthetics:

Silicone cases have limited manifestations, and generally add different materials to the materials. Pigment, make different bright colors. At this point, TPU has obvious advantages. Because TPU has very good injection performance, it can be used in many processing techniques, such as painted patterns, 3D embossed feel, and it can become very high-end after electroplating. You can also spray leather oil, fur oil, etc.; in addition, the design mold of the TPU mobile phone case wholesale can have many shapes, such as with anti-drop corners (of course, silica gel can also be used, but this is rarely done).

Comprehensive above , Is it better to use a silicone phone case wholesale or a TPU phone case? Analyzed in terms of protection and aesthetics. Different people have different requirements.

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