[Mobile phone case foundry] The development of mobile phone case manufacturers

by:Jolly     2022-01-05

From 2010 to present, with the popularization of smart phones and the widespread use of mobile phone cases, mobile phone case wholesale manufacturers have also emerged. In the field of mobile phone case wholesale production, Dongguan mobile phone case manufacturers have the right time and place to form a complete industrial chain of mobile phone case production. Metal, leather, wood, glue, etc., with patterns and patterns, customizable, etc. Due to the relatively simple production process of mobile phone cases, many companies have poured in across the industry, making product prices lower and lower. Many companies have not done a good job in labor and material control and the product quality is inferior, which makes it difficult for the market to accept. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016 alone, more than 700 mobile phone case manufacturers in Dongguan closed down! !

  Analyzing these fallen companies, it is not difficult to find that it is not entirely due to poor management or poor quality. Many are due to ignorance of the market and unclear product positioning. I want to make any styles, and all customers want. The result is that the goods are not well done, or the delivery time cannot keep up. In the end, I can’t keep the old customers...

Of course there are also Many companies have done a good job, such as Dongguan Qilai Technology Co., Ltd., for eight years, adhere to the original point of no expansion, and always focus on the development, production and sales of two-in-one mobile phone cases. Because the company has clear thinking, clear goals, and strict product quality requirements, it has won the trust and support of new and old customers. In the production of two-in-one mobile phone cases, we have become a leader in the industry. The packaging method used only eight years ago has been used up to now, and it has become a model of packaging for many companies.

   Because Qilai cooperates very well in all aspects of quality and delivery, it has won a high reputation in the industry. One of them even opened the Integrity Pass on the Internet under the guise of 'Qilai'. What is incredible is that the delivery address is also the address of Dongguan Qilai Technology Co., Ltd.! ! In fact, this will not solve the dilemma of the long-term development of the company, because when the customer knows the truth, you still fail to keep the customer in the end! !

Through the analysis of this incident, it fully reflects the fierce competition facing the current development of Dongguan mobile phone case wholesale manufacturers. Only by continuously improving the quality and service can it be possible to win customers. Stable the market! !

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