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by:Jolly     2021-12-28
1. Use the mobile phone case wholesale color printer correctly: Do not move the print head by hand without cutting off the power, otherwise it will damage the print head limit switch. Do not stop suddenly while the device is printing. If you find that the pattern is misaligned or deviated, after the pause, reset the origin and press the ink to continue printing. Do not dry the print head during the printing process, otherwise it will seriously damage the print head. 2. The maintenance of the mobile phone case wholesale color printer: mainly the nozzle, ink system, etc. The cleaning of these parts requires special cleaning agents and cleaning methods. For surface dust, use a dry cloth as much as possible. When cleaning important parts such as nozzles, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions or ask the printer manufacturer's after-sales personnel to clean it. 3. The working environment of the mobile phone case wholesale color printer: Due to the unique working method of the printer, the place where the printer is placed must be flat. Sloping and uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slow down the working speed of the nozzle, and thus affect the overall printing speed. Keep the surroundings hygienic and clean to prevent dust or foreign objects from entering the inside of the machine. If not handled properly, the internal structure of the machine will be damaged. 4. Install the mobile phone case color printer: the printer is a high-precision machine deployed by the manufacturer. Do not disassemble and assemble the machine during transportation. Avoid places where temperature and humidity are prone to drastic changes. Avoid direct sunlight, strong light or heat sources. Place the device close to the wall socket so that the plug can be easily inserted and avoid excessively long wiring. The power socket must use a socket with a grounding terminal.
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