Mobile phone case manufacturers share-small magical uses of mobile phone cases

by:Jolly     2021-12-08
Everyone will use their mobile phones every day, and many people will also choose a satisfactory mobile phone case wholesale. I will share with you today: the magical functions of mobile phone cases. I used to think of many ways to get angry with Duoduo. For example, stick a small note on the wall at home to remind yourself. For example, leave the original natural environment and take a lot of fun. For example, if two people eat delicious food together... it can't be said to be invalid, but they always feel that they can't solve the problem from the source. After that, I accidentally made a mobile phone case, and everything changed quietly. A lot of high-definition pictures and a few words are printed on my phone case wholesale. One sentence is 'the key thing is not emergencyThe second sentence means 'beat yourself'. Hitting children is mostly due to very subtle things. For example, I’m still cooking, and I’m told to hug me a lot; for example, I’m still exercising, and I often come to ask me to read picture books; for example, I’ve just cleaned up, many Just spilt the rice all over the floor... In fact, calm down and think about it. I was angry because of unimportant things, just because of such unimportant things, I hope to do it as soon as possible, while ignoring the real key. The thing is actually to educate children to grow up together. Therefore, I printed a sentence 'critical things not emergency' on the phone case. After playing too many times, I actually regret it. In my mind, stick education is the main manifestation of the weakness and incompetence of parents. Especially since our family's Duoduo's three years old is not yet full, many of his habits, temperaments, temperament... are actually all harmed by me. If you really want to fight, I think you should fight yourself, not the child. Only them, if printed in Chinese on the phone case, I am worried that others will laugh at me when they see it. So Pinyin is used. The cost is only 30 yuan. I must say that this 30 yuan is very worthwhile. Since I see the phone case again and again every day, and it is not like the background on the phone, I want you to open the phone to see it. Therefore, my ears and eyes have reminded me time and time again. Gradually, it turns into your own beliefs, and it will gradually change your current speech and behavior. Because I have the habit of recording the daily time, I noticed that the frequency of hitting children by myself has decreased, the frequency of anger has also decreased, and the time of crying by children has also decreased. I have used the mobile phone background image before, and the actual effect is not as good as the mobile phone case. I suggest everyone to condense the little habit that you want to change into a sentence or two and make it into a mobile phone case. Nowadays, Taobao has many stores that can customize mobile phone cases. You should see results in a few days! For example, people who lose weight can say: fitness exercise is a lifelong matter. College students at school can say: the pain of learning knowledge is temporary, and the pain of not learning is lifelong. I have always recognized this line of Harvard University’s school spirit and school motto.
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