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[Mobile phone case manufacturers] The advantages of choosing TPU as a material for making mobile phone cases

by:Jolly     2022-01-05

  There are many materials that can be used to make products, but you have to see if it is suitable for our products. Not all materials can be made. The same is true for tpu. Then choose tpu as the material for making mobile phone cases. What's the advantage of the mobile phone case?

   First of all, let’s understand the TPU mobile phone case material. TPU can be said to be the most versatile mobile phone case wholesale material. TPU has excellent resilience, no deformation, good low temperature resistance, non-toxic and odorless, environmentally friendly materials, and excellent color matching.

  TPU has relatively low cost, convenient production and processing, short processing and molding cycle, and secondary materials can be recycled and reused. The common hardness scale is 85~95 degrees. The disadvantage of the TPU mobile phone case is that it feels stiff and lacks the soft touch of silicone. TPE, TPR composite materials, composite materials, mobile phone cases are generally soft and hard plastics.

   is generally used to bond the soft plastic to the surface of the hard plastic (eg, PC, PC, ABS, etc.) through over-injection (or two-shot injection). The mobile phone case has the two-layer characteristics of rigidity and flexibility. There are two common types of mobile phone cases, frame-type mobile phone cases and overall structure mobile phone cases.

  Composite material mobile phone case generally chooses TPE/TPR with a hardness of 65~70 degrees. The adhesion of other TPE/TPR to PC and PC ABS is an important consideration. In addition to TPE composite PC-type mobile phone cases, there are also TPE composite TPU mobile phone cases. This type of mobile phone case improves the shortcomings of TPU material with excellent elasticity but poor touch.

  Whether the TPU phone case material is good or the TPE phone case wholesale material?

   From the perspective of cost, choosing a TPU maintenance kit is the most cost-effective. From a trend point of view, the use of TPE/PC composite materials for mobile phone cases shows more characteristics and taste. So both have their own strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is how we choose a good phone case wholesale.

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