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Mobile phone case personalized customization machine is born for customization

by:Jolly     2021-12-29

'Customization' was originally exclusive to the nobility and a status symbol. Now we are in a free, open, and equal Internet era. One of the biggest characteristics of the Internet is individualization. Everyone is a producer and disseminator of information. Everyone desires individuality and uniqueness, and everyone likes to participate.

Many products sought after by young people have made many attempts in personalized customization, such as NIKE's customized service NIKE ID, users can customize a pair of unique sports shoes according to their own preferences.

Now young people are different from their parents. Their consumption upgrade has nothing to do with material and price, but is more based on psychological, emotional and aesthetic appeals. In order to meet this demand of young consumer groups, various brands have turned to a 'personalized customization' business model.

And the most thorough personalization of the phone case wholesale is Qi Rai! Adhering that everyone is the endorsement of their own personality, we continue to develop more personalized customized products.

In Qilai’s online shopping mall, we can see that its customized personalized mobile phone case products have covered the mainstream mobile phone case wholesale models currently on the market. Of course, there are more customized products in others

At present, the mobile phone case customization market in the sub-category is the best at this stage, but other products also have their corresponding markets. I won't talk about them one by one here.

And all the products that can be customized are printed by Qilai---a professional personalized customized machine. It is precisely because this personalized printer has the following features that make the mobile phone Shell customization has become popular.

Product printing quantity: one piece of printing, no plate making, taking into account small batches of product printing.

The product is small and light, and the weight is only 5 kg, which is convenient to carry and transfer.

Material for the machine: 3CM thick crystal glass, wood material, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PP, PE Surface, porcelain surface, acrylic, etc.

One-time printing of multiple colors: no need to register, perfect color transition, can replace silk screen, pad printing, transfer printing, photo printing, the first choice for special-shaped products.

Printing product effects: waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistance, long-term non-fading and other advantages.

The machine is easy to operate: it can also be operated without manual skills and drawing experience.

Instant image production: production and production processes are minimized. Image production is easy to operate, and is immediately desirable.

The machine technology is stable: the product has been strictly tested before leaving the factory, and the failure rate is extremely low.

Machine application industry: suitable for mobile phone case and craft gift industry as the application of new equipment.

For the above advantages, many large printers on the market do not have it. Because of this, Qilai’s mobile phone case customization machine is loved by many franchisees

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