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Mobile phone case private customization project-an overlooked business opportunity

by:Jolly     2021-12-15

Since the outbreak of smartphones, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people’s lives. It is absolutely impossible to go without a mobile phone. Mobile phones are now bundled with people. Since the outbreak of mobile phones, there are mobile phone accessories. product.

Especially for consumables such as mobile phone cases, an ordinary transparent mobile phone case may have a service life of 2-3 months, and it will oxidize and turn yellow over time. Although it can be dealt with by physical means (see this link for the processing method: What should I do if the phone case turns yellow?), it is impossible to restore the original phone case.

This determines that the market for mobile phone cases is larger than that of mobile phones, and the frequency of purchase of mobile phone cases is N times that of mobile phones.

But many merchants rush to produce homogeneous products, resulting in too much competition in the same industry, price wars are everywhere, and many manufacturers are facing the edge of loss and are not allowed to seek Other breakthroughs, and private customization of mobile phone cases has become a life-saving straw for manufacturers.

The so-called mobile phone case private customization is to customize the patterns required by the customer on the mobile phone case wholesale. These patterns are produced according to customer needs, so they are customized The price of mobile phone cases is higher than that of ordinary mobile phone cases, so there is room for profit.

Many mobile phone shell manufacturers who will not change their minds and turn to the customization field will be slowly eliminated, because there is really no profit to make, and customized shells are what they need The direction to turn.

A mobile phone case or a mobile phone case can save a manufacturer and a company just because of the addition of a different pattern. The personal customization of mobile phone cases has become a very good business project for many entrepreneurs because of the popularity of consumers; for example, the mobile phone case wholesale A4 printer of Xiangyin Technology, It is such a small project that is very popular with users; a small business that can be easily started with only a printer and a consumable mobile phone case, especially the intelligent simplicity of the printer, and the convenient operation, which makes many franchise businesses. Made a lot of money.

Xiangyin Technology also promotes its own small printer through various exhibitions across the country, and wants customers from all over the country and even the world to use the company's personalized customized mobile phone case products; This is definitely a good business opportunity. If you have an understanding of the field of personalized customization, you can pay attention to it.

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