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Mobile phone holster, detailed proofing time

by:Jolly     2022-01-06
Leather goods manufacturers have these three operating modes: spot, spot plus customization, and customization. The Qilai Leather Factory is mainly customized and has no spot. When making an inquiry, the customer service staff will also make it clear that there is no stock in the store or the product needs to be customized. At this time, when the customer asks how long is the proofing time? The answer given by Qilai Leather Factory is 3 days as usual, and 5-7 days when other complicated conditions or the market is unavailable. Maybe you will be wondering, it takes 3 days? Take the mobile phone holster as an example: 1. Action method. Under the no-spot operation mode, Qilai Leather Factory adopts the form that the market is ready to make in order to ensure the product life and quality. Therefore, it is not possible to customize samples after placing an order. 2. Sample list. As a leather factory, there are many products that need to be sampled in a day. At this time, the waiting time is for the comprehensive customer after placing the order, and after a certain period of time, statistics are given and the sample is given a fixed regular time. 3. Purchasing department. After the sales department issued the sample form of the mobile phone leather case. The purchasing department needs to buy materials from the market or get materials from suppliers. The time required here is 1/2 day or 1 day. 4. During the purchase of materials by the purchasing department, what is going on at the same time is that the board room draws a sample size drawing of the mobile phone holster, which is usually a two-dimensional plan. 5. According to the product size given by the customer, or the actual machine or model of the product, the sample master will make the paper grid and open the knife mold. The time required here is 1/2 day. 6. After all the materials are complete, the board house masters will customize samples according to customer requirements. Including cutting, pasting, sewing, oiling and other steps, the time is 1 day. Here, it should be noted that when the product needs oily edges, in order to ensure the quality of the oily edges of the product, natural air drying is used, so the waiting time is longer. The production of any product sample in a leather factory is inseparable from the simple process described above. This is also the length of time that Qilai Leather Factory can give customers proofing.
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