Mobile phone holster manufacturers can give you an unexpected price

by:Jolly     2021-12-15
Qilai is a leather case manufacturer with 16 years of customized experience. We can customize mobile phone leather cases, but we are not only customizing this category, like tablet cases, we can also customize them. In the choice of materials, animal skins, pu, microfiber, imitation microfiber, diving materials, etc. are all available. Mr. Li found us by searching for 'universal mobile phone holsters' and contacted our colleague Miss Jiang, and made an appointment to visit the factory the next day. After meeting and communicating, I learned that Mr. Li needs to make a custom-made mobile phone case with a waistband type, which is what we often call a mobile phone case wholesale for the elderly. Its structure is relatively simple, with a left and right flip type. Because I saw the factory on the spot, I have an understanding of the ability and technology of the factory, and combined with Mr. Li's product requirements, product budget and other aspects, we recommended two customized solutions for Mr. Li. After a week and a half, three leather materials suitable for customization were selected to Mr. Li for confirmation, and finally a cooperation was reached. If you want to know the price quoted, please feel free to contact us and give you an unexpected price.
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