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Mobile phone leather cases occupy 35% of the list again

by:Jolly     2022-01-08

Recently, the leading domestic telecommunications retail service company accessories sales rankings. Among the top 20 sales, mobile phone holsters once again dominated the list with a share of 35%, while mobile power supplies and memory cards accounted for 20% and 10%, respectively, demonstrating good sales. It is worth mentioning that the inclusion of wearable devices on the list undoubtedly adds to the diversity of the accessories list, highlighting the popularity of sports and health concepts. From the comprehensive list, the frequent appearance of intelligent accessories not only shows the widespread popularity of smart devices, but also reflects that intelligence has touched every detail of consumers' lives.

Samsung mobile phone holster continues to be popular with smart design leading domestic and foreign giants.

Nowadays, the penetration rate of smart phones is becoming more and more saturated. Whether it’s a humane, minimalist and outstanding veteran on the battlefield-Apple, or a rising star that is closely following and with amazing sales-Samsung, they can only strive for excellence in screen size, picture clarity, and lightness of the body. Smart core The room for improvement is shrinking day by day. Compared with the smart phone giant Apple, Samsung, which was not on the sales list in the early years, appears to be more 'smart'. In addition to using large-screen mobile phones to cater to consumers' psychology of rushing to large-screens, intelligent protective sleeves are also used to 'capture' consumers' psychological defenses in an all-round way.

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