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Mobile phone protective cover prevents the phone from falling paint

by:Jolly     2021-12-17
It is a very common phenomenon that mobile phone paint is dropped. Almost all mobile phones have the problem of paint dropping after using for a period of time, but it is only a matter of the length of time and the paint material. Of course, we can use some methods to reduce the phenomenon of paint peeling and avoid the phenomenon of paint peeling on the phone shell caused by external reasons. When you find that the phone is seriously peeling paint, you can send the phone to the repair office or a service provider that can provide coloring services, and ask the maintenance personnel to color your phone case wholesale to make up for the lack of paint peeling off the phone. If there is a paint drop problem that occurs just after you start, on the one hand, you can ask the seller to request an upgrade and send it back to the original factory for replacement; on the other hand, you can choose to solve some of the phone’s paint drop problem yourself. In addition, you can apply nail polish evenly on the phone case wholesale, try to buy nail polish of the same color as the phone, and then put on the phone case. Be careful and patient during the operation. living comfortably without anybody's help. Qilai Digital recommends buying a few protective cases or protective sleeves for your mobile phone, so as to add a layer of armor to your mobile phone to solve the problem of paint falling off to a certain extent.
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